Mythological Beliefs
Mahavastu and other scared books give details of Lord Buddha's 25 year stay at Shravasti. Lord Buddha did two miracles--- one was that a huge tree was formed from the seed of the mango and secondly his various faces and strength were proved in air.
From old Vedas and Ramayan, Shravasti was developed as the north Kaushal capital by Lord Rama for his Son LUV.
According to Mahabharat, the famous ancient Ichchavaku king Shravastsya created it and was named after him.
Mujhim Nikkai, a sootpitik thinks that due to the natural resources , it was named 'savati'(sab ati -meaning complete), which was later distorted and named Shravasti .
The famous 'Anand Bodhi tree' was brought from Anuradhapur, Sri Lanka .This tree is thought to have developed from the seedlings of the Maha Bodhi tree of Bodh Gaya (India).
It is believed that the cruel Ongalimal heart changed to mankind and he entered into Buddhism, followed the teaching of Buddha till his death.
Said Sudat, Jeth Kumar Vishakha, Presanjit e.t.c many of the following of Lord Buddha were from Shravasti.
Jain spiritual book reveals that the 3rd Jain philosopher lord sambhav Nath four developmental stage such as selection ,birth devotion and knowledge happened in the pious ,Shravasti.